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what chemicals are used to make duplicate rice puller from Cu

I want to make a duplicate rice puller from a copper coin. The coin attratcs rice from 2 to 3 inch. IF we bring a lighted torch

with glass removed the bulb goes off If we put a copper wire on the coin for 20 sec n removes it, the wire becomeslike it

These all is made with some CHEMICALS what is that chemical n what is the procidure
asked in Physics by peter khode (180 points)

7 Answers

How to make duplicate rice puller with camical?
answered by nalin
esa kuch nahi hota mere dost sab bakbaas hi
kyun apna samaya barbaad kar rahe ho kuch or soucho mere dost...
I need to knw dis for my knowledge
answered by adi
what chemical used ricepull

Iridium, you may use iridium copper to make your desired coin. (not proved) But this iridiun copper is very valuable, not possible to manage it.

answered by Ratan
Hi. Friend.. In indian market lots of RP are duplicate.. They make this material using some imported chemils from Canada. Because Canada is no1 in DRP. And also I have the small amount of that material. And I'm waiting for quality maker. I think its combination of three chemicals. 2 dry powder and 1 chemical. But I'm really sorry I don't know what is that chemical name.. I hope it will be useful to you.. Thank you bro..
i know the chemical names .But i dont know the combination of those  chemicals.
U tell me the ch name I test it and tell u the combination
guys tell me  to the name
Guyz its nthng but the two transition metals iridium and copper in naturethey wnt b combined fr tat we gonna use strontium with iridium trichloride if any body really gona make many il courier up the chemicals fr u
just let me know how to contact you?
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send me the combination
how to make rice pulling
answered by kannan
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answered by Raj
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I have a guruji who does DRP with 3 tests. Validity will be 60days once done. Process needs 6-7 days to complete. Imported chemical. Mail me for more details. Let me know soon.
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answered by gabru
I can supply you R.P. technology. I am not interested in any business and I should not be blamed for any damages during sales or purchase. Basic science knowledge is appreciated for manufacturing. No costly or hazardous chemicals required. Technical drawings can be provided. Only 1 or 2 output oriented, genuine and interested person can contact me after office hours. I can also recommend you radio isotopes with beta minus radiation same function as iridium192 isotope if you are interested in original RP. Contact me 08675456761.
I powdered the charged black rice obtained during testing procedure of chemical DRP, lab analysis and found the exact molecular formula to pull rice, rice is a paramagnetic compound. A reduced paramagnetic compound with electron capture property will definitely pull rice. I made with a paramagnetic compound magnesium oxide it worked eureka. 25 grams is required to make a chemical DRP. I have chemical used to make chemical DRP and also charged black rice powder. WhatsApp + 918098639055 email for more details.
answered by Aditya Wilson
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