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Selecting superior quality museum replica picture frames to support the major artworks.

Master Carver Gurrieri boss of the actual Federici Workshop in Bologna, Italy is pleased to say that their

Museum picture frames are actually ready and available to be ordered. The company, which has been operational since 1905, is one of the best in its trade in the EU zone.

Since the last 100 years Federici Workshop has made of frame manufacturing its major ability working to duplicate in the best way possible the enourmos amount of old-style picture frames owned by the most important museums in Eu region. Picture frames are produced by the workshop in numerous design and shapes: from Renaissance to Baroque, recreating styles from Italy, Spain and France with special focus on every single detail.

As soon as Gurrieri was 13 he made a decision to carve a reproduction frame for an old master painting. Mr. Gurrieri got the great possibility to boost his knowledge in the field of the reproduction frames at a quite early edge having as teachers the best picture framers of European union. That is why he has got these types of superior abilities. Since that very beginning Massimiliano decided to became a carver and he has devoted his entire life in strengthening his abilities and approaching any type of different tecniques achievable.

Throughout the world war 2 the Nazis stole a lot of master works of art belonging to the occupied nations under their control but at the end of the war, when American soldiers were already winning the war , the Germans begin to demolish the most of the antique frames containing the paintings thieved to be able to hide and hold all of them very easily. This is one good reason why there's plenty of very important original works of art without frame or in some cases there's a frame that doesn't fit in any way, in terms of style, with its painting.

Gilt frames made by the Federici Workshop are replicas of original gilt frames generally belonging to the Pinacoteca of Bologna, which is the best museum in Bologna city for traditional Italian paintings. Among the others, these types of replicas have been used to frame painters as Raffaello and Reni.

Get in touch with Master Gilder M. Gurrieri on 393333720043 in order to get more informations or visit

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