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Fantastic lovers of timeless frame replicas manufactured for framing vitally important master paintings.

It is a real pleasure for Gurrieri to inform his clients through this write-up that a wonderful new collection of frames has been set up in a new gallery of the Federici's website. The company, which has been operational since 1905, is among the best in its trade in EU zone.

Usually the buyers of Federici are the significant state museums throughout The european union such as very important art galleries and well-known international design enterprise. It makes a speciality of a hight variety of styles such as Spanish, Italian and French style picture frames that could be made making use of Baroque, Neoclassical, Renaissance and Empire decorations and mouldings making a large catalog available on the Federici web site where any customer can order the best kind of frame to match their master painting.

As soon as Massimiliano Gurrieri was Thirteen he made a decision to carve a replica frame for an antique painting. The skill of Gurrieri in wood carving picture frames is mostly due to the fantastic masters from whom he had the ability to understand secret techniques. This is basically the principal factor regarding the superior skills of Mr. Gurrieri. Since that time Massimiliano made of himself a Master Carver looking for solving every possible issue related to ornates.

A very curious thing about antique picture frames (Suggested Site) is that a lot of them were sacrificed throughout the second world war due to the fact that Nazis, in the end of the war start to damage the frames of the old paintings that they had robbed all over the states under their control to have the advantage of hold them in a easier way, in fact artworks with no frame can weight a lot less and can occupied significantly less space. This is one of the reasons why there's lots of important original pieces of art with no frame or in many cases there's a frame that does not match by any means, in terms of style, with its painting.

antique picture frames

Wooden frames made by the Federici Workshop are reproductions of original carved frames usually belonging to the Pinacoteca of Bologna, which is the best pubblic museum in Bologna city for antique Italian paintings. They have been used to frame a huge amount of works of art of master painters. They were used for framing paintings of Raffaello and Guido Reni among others.
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