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"Do you think a gal is going to have any emotional attachment to someone appearing to be emotional dependent on her? " My brain responded. "No" I replied. "Good. Now do it" commanded my Brain. It was really easy. All I had to make certain that my head was on her shoulder, like earlier in the evening, and start doing a low-volume, impersonation of a toddler. The harsh shadows of the evening can help conceal facial expressions if I couldn’t do a decent job. And I did it. All of it. "Don’t cry. Everything’s alright, OP" said Alice as I’m trying to keep shaking my head at inconsistent intervals. A good minute passes by, I lift my head up and start walking to my car. "Just please drive safe as well, OP! " Alice shouts. I gave a thumbs up with my left hand while trying to hide my grin with my right bicep.

During this process of communicating with one another. Less time is spent on finding information a person needs. 100 years when word 'rhyme' was spelled 'rime'. Undoubtedly, the internet, though it may have had a few setbacks especially for English Learning and Teaching, have only made us realize that language would always be evolving. Old English to English we know today. The internet has only expanded the typical range and variety to particularly graphical ' written communication (Thorne, 2003) Understanding and acquiring new genres of communication are entirely decisive to the process of becoming a capable communicator. For us to be able to speak we have to use language. We tend to think of language and money, electronic media, and other technologies as tools, but we tend to discount the degree to which our tool determine who we are and what we do. Language itself is a technology, a "tool" made by people.

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We need to spend our time and effort on saving what we have and not "messing with Mother Nature"! I appreciate your wonderful comment, thank you for stopping by! Interesting subject Sheila, and intriguing as to how they grow larger than either lions or tigers. In the wild I guess the main barrier between lions and tigers interbreeding where their ranges overlap, would be the very different social behaviours of the two species. I'm not really keen on the idea of deliberately cross-breeding lions and tigers, mainly because tigers are so endangered, and all effort should I think be devoted to producing more genuine tigers and lions rather than ligers. However, it's nonetheless fascinating to see the results of these hybridisations! I am so glad you enjoyed my hub. Thank you for your kind comment and vote. It is always appreciated. Have a wonderful day! Very insightful and interesting article!

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