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Focusing on what you get, not what you give We realize we are spiritually connected with something bigger than we are. Just for today: I will take comfort in my conscious contact with a Higher Power. I am never alone. You are reading from the book Today's Gift. The cut worm forgives the plow. Would anyone believe that rain abuses grass, or accuse roots, hungry for a better hold on life, of digging too far into earth's flesh? And if the earth should have to quake, would anyone blame it for cracking here and there? Look closely at the small world of busy life overturned in the garden each spring. No ant there curses another bug, and no worm curses itself. Though they can neither speak nor think, even small creatures know enough to accept their pain as a natural part of life. Why, then, should we waste time blaming others, or ourselves, for the natural sensations of life? In the process of new growth, can we expect no pain? You are reading from the book Touchstones. A frontier is never a place; it is a time and a way of life.

I'm a computer programmer, which means my job is pretty intellectual, and I coast way less than a lot of people: but I still coast about 75% of the time. A lot of the code I write is boilerplate stuff. I'm "solving" problems that have already been solved, and all I need to do is copy, paste, and make a few tweaks. Doctors coast a lot of the time (at least general practitioners do). They hear the same symptoms over and over again, and in most cases, they can do their jobs very well by doing mental "database searches" and regurgitating answers that worked in the past. This is also the case for non-trial lawyers. 10% of the time? 5% of the time? 1% of the time? How many years have gone by without you having to face a real intellectual challenge? Incidentally, the jobs that we think of as intellectual tend to be the least intellectually demanding (with some exceptions, such as Mathematician and Brain Surgeon).

I am no psychologist, but I do have an undergrad in psychology which gives me enough information to be dangerous! Depending on the group we identify with mostly, we feel responsible for that group and the image associated with the group. I Identify as American, so when I was in South Africa during the Clinton impeachment I was embarrassed for my country. It goes both ways. I also identify as Mormon. When Mitt Romney ran for president I was proud. I was proud when Obama won because I identify with him as Black. I would have won not matter who won in 2012 for president because both groups I identified with. For the first time in my life in 2012 I was able to feel what it is like to be the dominant culture because no matter who won I found a way to identify with the person that won.

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Is this race at work here? Was the boy white and there is nobody to protest his killing? That is why some white people say "All Lives Matter’. Very good follow up question. Thank you for taking the time to read Dana! Great subject Tara. As I read my bible I am painfully aware that injustice and slavery of some form has always existed; it's more of away to oppress people than anything else. Whether a person is targeted individually or as a group it's all about control and wanting to have more than your share of the pie. Police are not all bad and I believe most are decent. White people are not all bad and I also believe that most are decent. And certainly not all blacks are criminals but just as in any race there are a few bad apples in every bunch. As far as I'm concerned "ALL LIFE FORMS MATTER" Who do people think they are when they feel they have the right to take away what someone else has created. Don't they realize they are destroying someone's valuable property. I have always been very passionate about human suffering and suffering of any kind.

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